Wave of Hope Benefit for SSADH and Lyme

The Columns Beach Restaurant

Ocean Avenue
Avon, NJ 07717

Benefit for our daughters, Amber and Haley Le Vine, two young women with the rare disease SSADH = 400 cases in the world. They are the 3rd and 4th to be diagnosed with it. Since it is so rare, donations and support are hard to come by - they mostly go to the more "popular" causes. There is a drug coming out that might help and stem cell research going on now, but we need your help. The benefit is raise money for SSADH and to create more awareness of Lyme. AMBER, horrifically, has contracted LYME disease as well, resulting in encephalitis (swelling) of the brain and compromises autoimmune system. This has been ongoing since August of 2017. She has gotten antibiotics, supplements, 9 infusions of liquid silver and 12 infusions of IVIG over the last three months. It has been extremely slow going. PLEASE COME ! It is an upbeat event with music - The Joe Baracatta Band - dancing, food, and auction and lots of POSITIVE energy. You can donate online to the SSADH Association, in the Le Vine family name and if you are coming, print out your receipt and bring it as a ticket, otherwise tickets are $25 at the door. It's at the Columns in Avon, Sun May 19th from 1-5 pm More information can be found on our website Wave of Hope for ssadh. com Jess Le Vine and family

Sunday - May 19, 2019


Jess Le Vine

Phone: 732-778-8930