Mandalas by Lou Storey: Opening Reception

Oyster Point Hotel

146 Bodman Place
Red Bank, NJ 07701

With each of his mandalas, New Jersey artist Lou Storey concisely captures an aspect of life experienced by humans on earth. Our fears, our loves, our everyday concerns are reflected in these small circles created of resin forms and acrylic paint on wooden bases. The colors are vibrant and the composition is usually symmetrical - all the better to allow you to focus on the subject of the Mandala. Mr. Storey recently had an extensive solo exhibition at the Noyes Museum in Altantic City called Small Works: Kawads, Mandalas & Portals. He was also awarded First Prize in the 32nd Annual Juried Exhibition at the Art Alliance of Monmouth County for Ex-Voto: Gay Surburban Pioneers. From Lou himself: "Making art is my way of sending messages out into the world. Since humans first painted figures and symbols onto cave walls, we have been inventing interesting ways of messaging each other. The Mandala of Buddhism is a symbolic representation of wholeness, generally depicted within a circle, and used as a vehicle for focusing attention. In these artworks I use the idea of the Mandala as a starting point for focusing attention on aspects of life, from playful to dire, that perhaps mirror our shared human experience of the things we want, fear, believe and love." The mandalas will be on display on the second floor of the Oyster Point Hotel until September 2nd. The opening is free and the public is cordially invited.

Friday - July 12, 2019


Ellen Martin

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