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https://www.stageit.com/michael_mcdermott/house_arrest_the_jail_house_snitch_show_you_never_know_what_you_re_gonna_hear/79782 House Arrest - The Jail House Snitch Show (you never know what you're gonna hear) (80 min show including encore) So the last few weeks have been such a beautiful journey for me....to revisit the past, to observe, to reflect and continue. I think it's important to do that sometimes. I was always caught between, "He who does not remember the past is condemned to repeat it." and "They're just scars from another life." Being aware of your past, but not continuing to live there. In recovery we talk about taking your inventory....So thank you for the votes and allowing me to go back in time for a few hours, remember the love and the loss, the heartache and the triumph. Now, we must move onward. I thought, however,...maybe this week, I'd pick the songs myself....Not that you haven't done an amazing job, because you have. I'm not sure what I'm gonna play yet, I have a few ideas but wanna see if they even work....There has been a luxury in being told what to play, so this week will be more of a challenge for me....to curate something, unique and special and cohesive. I wanna change the top tipper thing too.....Top tipper this week, gets a song, song of their choice, personalized to you, sent directly to you.

Saturday - May 02, 2020


Troy Deckebach

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