Shabbat Speaker Series

Temple Shalom

5 Ayrmont Lane
Aberdeen, NJ 07747

Terrance Coffie will be the featured speaker on Friday, January 24th as part of Temple Shalom's Shabbat Speaker Series. This service is open to the entire community. After years of selling drugs, homelessness and incarceration, Terrance Coffie came to The Doe Fund, an organization that helps homeless and formerly incarcerated men rebuild their lives. Terrance became involved with College Initiative (CI). He became a CI Peer Mentor, after only one year of college, so he could give back. He helped other men make the adjustment from incarceration to higher education. Like any good role model, Terrance leads by example. He is a living testament to the idea that hard work and education can change one’s life. He dedicates every day to trying to open the eyes of those around him to see this truth. As Terrance says, “for me, education has become a means not only to see the world, but an avenue by which I can carry a message of hope to lives that are sometimes torn by despair.

Friday - January 24, 2020


Rita Carol

Phone: 732-583-2386