Evening Light at the Beach with Michael S. Miller

Belmar Fishing Club

First & Ocean Avenues
Belmar , NJ 07719

Photography is all about the right lighting, which is why sunsets are one of the most photographed subjects. The rich red and gold colors of the evening are pleasing to the eye and give photos a feeling of deep emotion. When the sun is low on the horizon it travels through more atmosphere, the distance the light travels to reach the Earth is longer, and there is more water vapor that scatters the rays of the sun. The warm hues, minimized contrast, elongated shadows, and beautiful highlights during this "golden hour"make it the ultimate time of day to take photographs. Photography is all about the quality of light. Michael S. Miller will guide you on this creative journey in learning the techniques necessary to capture beautiful images. This is a creative workshop designed for photographers with a working knowledge of their mirrorless or digital SLR camera operations. A tripod is required and remote shutter release is recommended.

Wednesday - October 16, 2019


Beverly R. Miller

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